Dispatches From Absurdistan

One of Yudkowski’s many warnings is that one should beware of things that are fun to argue. This is true, but one should also beware of arguments that hurt to make. And in my now decade on the right, I’ve found that we have a problem. For one reason or another, a lot of us seem to be possessed by some sort of demon that forces us to make arguments that must be as painful to make as they are to hear.

I want my people, and by “my people” I mean the American Right, to make good arguments. Good arguments are arguments that feel good to make, arguments that make you feel strong, arguments that reflect reality, and most important, arguments that discredit the arguments made by our enemies. I want my people to examine the things they say, the presuppositions they concede, and the load-bearing assumptions they don’t notice. I want them to win.

I am not now, nor have I ever been, a normie. Those of you early adopters know this full well. And while I’m writing this about section addressing you, and most articles will be written with you in mind, what I really want to do is write articles that you can share with your normie family members. Your boomer republican dad and your mom who believes that Ben Carson has secret indictments for Tom Hanks and Ellen DeGeneres. Not so much your normie friends, though, because in my view you shouldn’t really have any.

By the way, if you are a Boomer Republican who was linked to one of my articles by a family member, let me say: Welcome! I’m happy to have you as a reader, I hope you’ve heard only good things about me, and I hope you enjoy what I write.

Ahead of time, I should outline my ideology, so there are no surprises and we all know what we’re getting into.

First, I am anti-War. Yes, even that one. Yes, even that one.

Second. I am anti-State.

Third, I am pro-Market.

In other words, I am a Right-Wing Libertarian. Simple enough, but what else am I?

I am a consummate Yankee, through and through. I was born in Manhattan, and raised in Suffolk County. My parents were immigrants (though my father was here before Hart-Celler ‘65). My peers were primarily Roman Catholic White Ethnics and Jewish immigrants from countries most people couldn’t find on a map. I talk fast, I don’t make eye contact with the cashier, I’ve never killed an animal or uprooted a plant for myself or any other person to eat, and I’m certain that if I spent six months without seeing the I-95, I would die. I’m a pro-choice, I’m an atheist, and I want to abolish prisons.

I’m not an “anti-woke leftist.” I’m not a “former”-Trotskyite-turned-neoconservative. I’m not “fiscally conservative and socially liberal.” Whether you believe it or not, but as you will come to understand if you continue to read my content, I am a right-wing absolutist. And I’m here for you.

Oh, and one more thing. I’m not going to promise you the “African American” perspective on anything. I’m actually Afro-Caribbean, though of course being black is a material reality of my existence regardless of how I self identify. The American moral order practically revolves around race, and so you can expect me to comment on racial issues, but don’t expect me to be to display the Black Conservative Phenotype.

Thanks for reading, and welcome aboard.